Encompass Inspections performs underground video pipeline inspections to help protect our client’s subsurface infrastructure. High quality video pipe inspections can be utilized for:

  • Sanitary sewer line inspections
  • Electrical conduits
  • Storm sewer pipes
  • Plumbing lines

Video pipeline inspections can provide customers with valuable knowledge about the condition of their underground pipes. Early identification is the key to minimizing pipeline repair costs and avoiding pipeline breaks. A quality video pipe inspection can detect broken pipes, line blockages, and intrusive root damages.

The benefits of video pipe inspection services are the ability to document the exact location of any pipeline issues, while allowing the owner to visually see the health and condition of the pipeline on a recordable media device. By providing the pinpoint location of the underground pipe issues, our clients are able to minimize the construction repair costs.

Encompass Inspections has a large array of video camera inspection equipment for even the most challenging of projects. Whether you are in the need of a residential sewer video pipe inspection, or a large facility looking for specialized camera crawler services on thousands of feet of pipeline, we can handle your project demands with a nationwide reach.

Encompass Inspections offers Ground Penetrating Radar/Concrete X-ray, Underground Utility Locating, Video Camera Inspection and Leak Detection services nationwide; please review our locations to find your nearest technician. For more information on our equipment and services, please refer to our equipment page.