Video Inspection

Video inspection is the best way to ensure that your pipes are intact, correctly installed, clean and working properly.  Often times we can locate leaks, clogs or breaks within minutes of entering a pipe.  As you can see in the picture below, you never know what you might find.  Save money by locating existing leaks and preventing future clogs and breaks by having a trained video inspector come to your location.

We have a variety of different camera snakes and camera crawlers at our disposal.  In an extremely small pipe or conduit, we like to use a bore scope type of camera that is basically a super small push camera about the width of a pencil.  We might use a small camera like this to inspect a small conduit or drain line from a sink.  We use a larger reel-type push camera to inspect pipes that are typically 2 to 8 inches in diameter.  For larger pipe systems greater than 8 inches, like those found in sanitary sewer and storm sewer applications, we like to use a crawler camera to help center the camera in the pipe and allow us to travel a greater distance down the pipe as the small robotic camera literally crawls its’ way down the pipe.  Crawler cameras are also great for larger pipes because they have plenty of light on the main crawler system to allow for light where a push camera would fall short.  These crawler cameras also have a rotating head that allows us to point the camera in virtually every direction all by way of a remote control.  If needed, we can even use a crawler camera system that allows us to inspect laterals by crawling down the main pipe and then rotating a push camera into a lateral and then sending that push camera down the smaller lateral!  All of these types of cameras can do very amazing things and have a very specific function for specialized pipe inspections on any job site.

encompass inspections at work

Pipe Inspection

Once the camera is inside the pipe and a clog or pipe break is located, we then use our radio detection equipment, along with a sonde transmitting a signal, to determine the precise location and depth of the anomaly.  In addition to being able to view the damage in real time, we can record the findings on a USB drive and provide a copy to the customer for later use or to share with others.  This innovative pipe inspection system allows for immediate results and saves you time and money, whether on a large construction site or in a single family home.  Couple this camera snake with our radio detection, ground penetrating radar, and acoustic leak detection (what we use to locate slab leaks) equipment, and Encompass Inspections becomes the go to team for all your video inspection needs.

frog in pipe