Our multi-technology utility locating approach helps keep your site safe.

Did you know 811/One Call marks only 35% of utilities? We locate the other  65%!

Utility Locating is the process of identifying and labeling underground utility mains and lateral service lines with pipe locating equipment.  Remember that 65% of all underground utilities are actually private lines that 811, One Call , Blue Stake or any other call before you dig  program will NOT mark!  Encompass Inspections can help find all of the utilities that public locators will not mark.

Pipe locator using GPR

Encompass Inspections is a different kind of utility locator.  We take pride in the amount of technology that each technician has available to them to make sure the locate is done right.  Many underground lines that other utility locator companies are unable to locate with traditional equipment may easily be found with our newer multi-technology approach.  These mains and laterals may include utility lines like telephone, electricity, sewer, natural gas, cable television, fiber optics, traffic signal, and street lights, as well as some storm drains and water mains.  The existing utilities are then physically marked with the corresponding uniform color codes for underground utilities and can also be mapped out and added to a GIS database.

Underground utility lines are manufactured with many different types of material.  Various utility detection methods must be used for different types of pipe materials.  For metal pipes and cables, this is often performed with radio detection (RD) equipment consisting of a transmitter and receiver.  A radio detection pipe locator is especially effective in locating any type of utility line that is conductive and able to accept and transfer an electrical signal.  For other types of pipe, such as plastic or concrete (non-metallic lines), acoustic locating (AD) or modern Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) equipment must be used.

In a difficult utility survey, the utility locating technician may need to use other types of pipe locating equipment that allow a difficult utility locate to be completed.  We regularly use Magnetometers (MAG) and Electromagnetic Induction (EMI) instruments among many others to help find utilities that could otherwise be hit by the excavator.  Feel free to visit our equipment area to get a feel for all of the various technologies Encompass Inspections can deploy on your next project.

Utility locator using the latest technology

Private Utility Locating

Encompass Inspections prides itself on precise utility detection during a private utility locator survey.  Please remember to call your local public utility company to verify any “public utilities”.  These public utilities are typically found in the street/common areas and may not be located once they enter your property.  We locate all of the private utilities that the underground utility locating companies are not going to mark due to liability issues.

Underground Locator using the Latest Technology