We Locate Many Types of Leaks

Some leaks can easily go unnoticed, especially if they are underground or within a concrete slab.  A good way to check for slab leaks is by monitoring your water bills.  A sharp or drastic spike and fluctuation in the amount of water you typically use is a clear sign of a potential water leak.  Another leak detection tip is to keep an eye out for overly saturated areas around the exterior of the property where a landscaping leak may have developed.  Through our years of leak detection services, we’ve seen it all and have been able to locate many types of leaks in very difficult situations.  Whether it’s a slab leak, landscaping leak, water main leak, sewer leak, or any other type of leak, we’ll find it.

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Leak Detection Equipment

Our leak detection equipment is essential to the inspection of your site and problem.  Encompass Inspections has state of the art equipment, making finding those leaks faster and easier.  By using acoustic instruments, we are able to pre-locate and pinpoint leaks that used to only be noticed manually through a visual pipe inspection.  Another great tool we use during the leak detection process utilizes an ultra-sensitive probe to pick up vibrations or sounds caused by a broken pipe.  For that tough to find water leak, we have a great tool called a correlator that allows us to find leaks based on two transmitters that identify leak vibration frequencies and calculates the distance of the leak between them.  The correlator picks up the sounds of the leak while suppressing other extraneous sounds, helping to isolate the leak.

We are also able to couple this service, where applicable, with our Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to locate changes in soil density due to large volumes of water deposits and voids caused by leaks.  Searching for slab leaks and other leaks has evolved into a fairly technologically advanced process, requiring the right tools and training.  Our technicians are trained and experienced with our innovative approaches and equipment to efficiently and safely find all types of leaks on your project.

Contact us today if you notice any signs of a leak.

encompass inspections at work