GPS Mapping/AutoCAD

We take utility locating to the next level by providing detailed maps for clients after a utility survey is complete.  Once the utilities are located, they can be mapped using a Trimble GeoXH handheld device with sub-decimeter accuracy.  This Trimble device can record the precise locate down to only a few inches of satellite accuracy.  This allows us to create an asbuilt map to record the existing utilities so that new utilities can be added later as they are installed, thus reducing costly damages during future construction activities.  Contractors that come to do work in the future will easily be able to bid work and make sure that all utilities are located with paint in the field prior to any new excavation based on the current asbuilt utility drawings.


Providing Invaluable Information

It is exciting to see the results from our high-end technology once it is all visible on a map.  Utility lines that have been untraceable for years are now in plain sight on a map.  Each utility line will be drawn in using the proper industry color codes for underground utilities.  We also use special icons for non-linear features such as a junction box or water meter.

When ordering a utility locate, please ask that you would like to have the locate mapped so that an Encompass representative can discuss what format will best fit the deliverable that is required.  We provide maps in JPEG, PDF, DWG and KMZ formats just to name a few.  We can also convert our data over to ESRI if that is the requested format.

encompass inspections at work