Encompass Inspections performs hundreds of residential concrete foundation scans each year across the nation.  Concrete imaging is achieved using our ground penetrating radar systems. Using the concrete scan allows our technicians to locate the following targets within the homes foundation:

  • Identify Post Tension Cables
  • Locating Underground Utilities
  • Void Detection
  • Locating Radiant Heat Lines
  • Locating Steel Rebar Reinforcement

If you are considering having any remodeling work done on your home, make sure you or the contractor you hire, is taking the necessary precautions before cutting or drilling into your concrete foundation.  Failure to locate all of the underground utility lines or post tension cables could result in extensive property damage, with repair costs easily in thousands of dollars.

If you suspect you are having foundations issues, please contact our nearest Encompass Inspections office to have one of our technicians come out and perform a ground penetrating radar scan on your concrete slab.  We can even refer you to a foundation repair company should the need arise.

Encompass Inspections can deploy a variety of concrete scanning and underground locating equipment.  Whether you are in need of a concrete scan for your remodel project, are concerned with possible subsurface voids, or require residential sewer video pipe inspections, we can meet your project demands with a nationwide reach.

Encompass Inspections offers commercial and residential  Ground Penetrating Radar, Concrete X-ray, Underground Utility Locating, Video Camera Inspection, Void Detection and Leak Detection services nationwide; please review our locations to find your nearest technician. For more information on our equipment and services, please refer to our equipment page.