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Xray Concrete Using Ground Penetrating Radar

GPR Concrete Scanning

Client Problem

A local contractor needed to have concrete GPR imaging completed at Ohlone College to avoid striking rebar reinforcements during core drilling activities.  Concrete scanning was needed for a floor penetration and for a concrete wall that was approximately 75 feet long, 5 feet high.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections dispatched a technician to the site. The technician noted that the wall was close to three feet thick, thus the wall needed to be GPR scanned from both sides to verify all rebar reinforcement.  Ground Penetrating Radar is the ideal piece of rebar locating equipment, GPR scanning can produce results quickly and accurately over large areas.

Results We Delivered

GPR concrete scanning reviled a rebar pattern of 12 inches on center both vertically and horizontally, except for one section which was 18 inches on center vertically, near the top of the wall. The contractor stated that though the plans called for the coring to be done at the bottom of the wall, he would refer to the planners to see if it could be done in the section that had more space between the steel reinforcements.  Additionally a 2’x2′ concrete floor scan was performed, locating the rebar to avoid during the planned core drilling.

Client Savings

Reducing the cost of using traditional concrete x-ray, ground penetrating radar offered a more cost effective method of rebar locating over a large concrete area.  In addition, by locating all of the rebar reinforcement in the wall, the contractor will be able to core in any part of the wall without fear of damaging the rebar or integrity of the wall.

Concrete Scanning

Rebar finder

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