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Video Pipe Inspection and Utility Mapping for Sewer Line Repair

Video Pipe Inspections and Utility Mapping

Client Problem

A local plumbing contractor contacted Encompass Inspections for a project working with the Novato Unified School District on a sewer line repair/replacement at an Elementary and a High School in Novato, CA. There was approximately one thousand feet of vitreous clay pipe to be inspected and located, with several trees and hedges around the pipes to be inspected. The goal was to perform video inspection of as much of the pipe as possible, noting any major root intrusions or blockages, and to provide a pinpoint location of these underground sewer pipes.

How We Responded

A technician was dispatched from the California office of Encompass Inspections to perform the video inspection of the underground sewer lines and accurately utility locate the sanitary sewer lines. The technician used a pipe inspection camera with built in locatable sonde to inspect the condition of the sewer pipe and mark the precise location of the vitreous clay pipe, we then used ground-penetrating radar to verify the location of these utilities.

Results We Delivered

Encompass Inspections visually inspected the sewer line using a HD pipe inspection camera, accurately located the sanitary sewer, and marked the underground utility lines using standard color coding with paint. Two of the sewer pipes were found to have numerous root intrusions, the exact location of these root blockages were noted on the video thanks to the cameras built in footage counter. The technician recorded all the video directly to a DVD, which was given to the contractor at the end of the job for future field use and to keep an accurate as-built record of the sites underground infrastructure. Three pipes were completely blocked by roots and debris, so the technician specially marked these spots for the contractor which allowed them to make pinpoint repairs. All of the pipes were located and inspected, and all results were discussed with school maintenance staff.

Client Savings

Thanks to Encompass Inspections ability to perform several different inspection services in house, the contractor was able to perform their work safely, without damaging any existing utilities, and has a video and utility mapping of where the underground utility lines are so that they can determine the best places on the site to dig at a later date.

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