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Utility Mapping Services for Proposed Subdivision

Site Utility Locating and Mapping

Client Problem

A local contractor needed utility mapping services for a county water and sewer district. Utility locating and mapping would allow the county to expand its service to accommodate a new subdivision to be built in the coming years. The project involved 3D utility mapping of all underground utilities in conflict with the proposed new sewer and water mainline installations, thus the contractor required exact depths and locations of all existing underground utility lines. The proposed water and sewer lines were to travel more than a mile from end to end, resulting in many utility conflicts that were present due to the large scope of the work.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections responded to the infrastructure protection request by dispatching a technician to the project site to meet the contractors project timeline.  Starting the utility locate survey, the locate technician used the RD 7000 to locate water mainlines, storm pipes and sanitary sewer line (both gravity and forced main), streetlight and main power conduits, telecommunications distribution lines, gas lines, and several empty conduits for future streetlight power.  The technician directly connected to the facilities or tracer wires, clamped around facilities, used passive signal through vaults that could not be opened.  The locate technician utilized a conductive rodder line to rod non-conductive pipes, and used nonmetal-to-metal induction for metallic utilities with no access points, and took utility depth measurements at all valves, vaults, and manholes to verify actual depths. The technician then used GPR underground scanning to find additional non-conductive lines, and any potential unknown utilities.  Once all site utilities were located, accurate utility mapping could occur.


Results We Delivered

The ground penetrating radar utility survey uncovered several underground utilities that were not traceable using the RD.  Combining locate technologies allowed the utility survey to be completed accurate in conjunction with locating all of the lines shown on the as-built plans.  To aid in the utility mapping project the located utility lines were marked with corresponding depths every fifty feet. Additionally, any errors in the underground utility as-built plans were noted and documented, with a few utilities marked on as-builts being completely absent from the work area.

Client Savings

Thanks to Encompass Inspections, the contractor was able to map the entire area accurately, so that the county water and sewer utility could plan their future expansion safely, with a complete knowledge of existing known and unknown utilities.

sewer and water utility line mapping

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