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Utility locating services at downtown San Francisco Muni Bus Depot

Locating Private Underground Utility Lines

Client Problem

A local contractor needed to locate underground storage tanks and remove them.  Additionally the contractor needed to rewire a portion of the electrical system at the Muni Bus Depot in downtown San Francisco. There was a traffic signal wire that ran through the work area and had been exposed in one place that they needed to locate in order to ensure that the traffic signal could be rewired and would not lose power or be destroyed during the excavation of the storage tanks.

How We Responded

Encompass sent a technician to the Bus Depot to perform utility locating on a Saturday, since the contractor called on a Friday afternoon and wanted to get the job done as quickly as possible.  The technician first used the RD 7000 to clamp around the exposed wire, but no signal was carried since the wire was a small gauge and not looped at the point where it was exposed. The technician then directly connected to the metal conduit carrying the wire, and located the conduit to a Christy box. On opening the box, a wire of the same size and type was found to be present. The technician then continued to locate toward a building on the property, where another Christy box was found. This box also had the same wire in it.

Results We Delivered

The technician was able to locate the entire length of the traffic signal light to its point of origin – the building near the second Christy box – by connecting to the metal conduit and using passive signals created by the conduit to transmit a signal into the traffic signal wire. The technician found that the line took a roundabout way to its point of origin, which the contractor had said was from a previous repair when the storage tanks were installed.

Client Savings

Thanks to the accurate utility located provided by Encompass Inspections, the contractor was able to excavate the underground storage tanks (UST’s) safely, without damaging the existing underground utilities, thus keeping traffic interruptions on the adjacent street to a minimum.


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