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Utility Locating Services at Cedar Hill Correctional Facility

Private Underground Utility Locating

Client Problem

The Cedar Hill Correctional Facility is undergoing major construction to add two new buildings onto an existing wing. The overpopulation of its facility spurred the new build construction project. Encompass Inspections role in the project was issued by the engineers and general contractors, they had noticed multiple discrepancies with the As-Built drawings. The contractor first broke ground by trenching for new drain lines to be installed before the new building was to be constructed and each time they started their excavation, the backhoe would find unidentified utilities.  Not wanting to risk further damages to underground utility lines, the contractor called upon Encompass Inspections to locate all of the underground utilities in conflict with the new construction area.

How We Responded

The engineers and the multiple contractors for this high-profile project began to realize the amount of time consumed having to stop each time they have to trench due to utilities being found is not safe and the best use of the their time. Encompass Inspections then was contacted, as our presence on high-profile projects in and around the Texas region is strong and reliable. We were able to respond to the Cedar Hill Correctional Facility with a multitude of utility locating equipment and years of underground locating experience to aid the contractors in finishing this project safely.

Results We Delivered

Encompass Inspections started with a tailgate meeting to determine the project scope and coordinate the locating efforts to maximize project safety among several site contractors. The locate technichian was able to identify each utility structure, and mark out numerous utility lines including: gas pipes, fiber-optic lines, electrical lines, water lines, irrigation control wiring, and communication lines to protect the infrastructure of the facility. Using a multi-technology approach, Encompass Inspections deployed RadioDetection pipe locator methods, along with Ground Penetrating Radar and Magnetometer equipment to give the contract team a complete view of the dangers that lay beneath the surface.

Client Savings

Encompass Inspections coordinated with the facility managers of the Cedar Hill Correctional Facility as well as the General Contractors and Engineers to ensure all underground utilities were identified. We were able to provide the client accurate and instant information to add to the current utility identification database for the Cedar Hill Correctional Facility, providing them the information they will be able to use for years to come. We were also able to prevent major catastrophes resulting from a underground utility strike.

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