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Utility Locating Service for Moffett Federal Airfield

Utility Line Marking

Client Problem

A local general contractor was building a large structure in a restricted area of Moffett Federal Airfield in Mountain View, CA. The site required background checks, and site badging to work on the air base. The proposed construction site had several underground utilities running through or very near the proposed building site. Encompass Inspections was tasked to perform underground utility locating to allow the general contractor to safely complete their excavations.

How We Responded

With pre-qualified technicians, Encompass Inspections was able to quickly navigate the background check and badging requirements, to ensure the security of the military installation. After gaining access to the airfield, the tech surveyed the utilities present in and around the site. The tech used the RD 7000 utility locator to connect directly to a water line valve and tracer wire, and a tracer wire for a forced sewer main locate. The tech then connected directly onto the vault for a high-voltage electrical line that ran through the lot, using the passive signal to detect the line within. Additionally, the technician also direct-connected to a underground gas line tracer wire in a valve located in the middle of the street, using barricades and a flagger to direct traffic so that the work could be performed safely.  The technician accessed an electrical vault and used the RD 7000 clamp to induce a signal in a line running along one side of the lot. The technician also identified a cable TV line located in a nearby pedestal, and a pair of telephone lines located within a vault on the lot.  As an additional precaution, Ground Penetrating Radar was also performed to locate any unknown underground utilities or underground storage tanks (UST’s).

Results We Delivered

The utility locate survey uncovered several buried lines, which were marked by the locate technician in appropriate paint colors.  The utility locate also revealed that an underground electrical line shown on the existing as-built plans was not located in the area. The technician also found two fiber optic lines that were not on the as-built plans.

Client Savings

Routinely delivering accurate quality results to contractors and owners allows Encompass Inspections to be the preferred choice for locating private utility lines. Damage avoidance to underground infrastructure and site personnel is critical for each project and saves our clients countless time and money.

Underground Safety

avoid damaging underground utility lines

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