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Utility Locating for Septic Tanks and Underground Electric Lines

Damage prevention for underground utilities

Client Problem

Utility Locating for Septic Tanks and Underground Electric Lines was our clients primary concern on their project. Encompass Inspections responded in 24 hours notice providing utility locating and GPR services. The contractor had no prior knowledge of where the septic tank was located, their was also an unknown electric line that ran from the main building to a sign on the property. The rear of the property contained a well system and the contractor was concerned he would hit the potential water lines to the well system as well as the possible communication lines that monitor the well during the installation of a new fence post.

How We Responded

Having access to a large variety of underground utility locating equipment, we were able to show the client what it means to have a utility detection performed the Encompass way.  We responded by first using Radio Detection  (RD) to connect to visible wires ,tracer wires, conductive materials. We were able to use our Jameson rodder system to insert into any non conductive pipes, sewer lines and empty conduits so they can be accurately located and traced out. Lastly, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) was deployed to verify utilities that we previously located, and to locate septic tanks and unknown/abandon utilities.

Results We Delivered

Our technician was able to locate a possible electric line that ran from the front of the building that fed a advertisement sign installed on the front lawn of the property. Using the Jameson rodding system, we were able to insert approximately 20 feet of the rodder into the potential sewer line, discovering the possible entrance into the underground septic tank. We then directly connected our Radio Detection system to the rodder, as the sewer is a non-conductive ABS material. The potential underground septic tank was located by using our GPR utility cart. We used the GPR in a tight grid pattern to ensure a thorough investigation of the construction area. For the water well in the rear of the property we used the RD  to connect to the water well and did a 360 sweep. We soon found out that the pipe was made out of a non conductive material. After close inspection of the water well we noticed that there was a possible communication line running next to the water well. We were able to direct connect to the communication line and mark the potential line back to the building.

Client Savings

Make Encompass Inspections your first choice for private utility locating. Our technicians utilize the full extent of our specialty equipment to protect the subsurface utilities on the site from getting damaged.  Accurate utility locating also protects the safety of the excavator from hitting any live electric or gas lines. By locating the septic tank, we saved excavator from digging random holes in search for the septic tank on the property, thus minimizing his impact to the site. The client is now able to move the fence post in the rear of the property, giving the client a safe distance from the potential of damaging a communication line for the water well.

Finding buried utilities with ground penetrating radar

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