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Utility Locating for Low Voltage Line

Private Utility Line Locating

Client Problem

A landscaping contractor wanted us to locate the low voltage lines that fed the underground irrigation system running throughout the center median. The low voltage sprinkler wire line was damaged when it was completely cut by another construction company that was digging a trench in the middle of the street.

How We Responded

The underground utility locate began by our technician using a RD8000 radio detection pipe and cable locator to hook directly onto the low voltage line. The RD8000 is capable of tracing low voltage wiring and can even determine where the line is cut.

Results We Delivered

With the RD8000 locator we were able to hook up directly to the low voltage cooper wire that feeds the irrigation control timer and mark the precise location of the low voltage wire line through the sidewalk and median areas.  The signal cut out sharply, which indicated that the line was cut at that point, which is what the client was hoping to find.  We performed the process in the opposite direction and received the same results, concluding the break was in that exact location.

Client Savings

Having the ability to pinpoint the exact area of the low voltage wire damage, our client was able to save both time and money by knowing the exact location that needed to be repaired, as compared to digging up the entire area in question.

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