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Utility Locating for Oil Pipeline Installation

Oil Field Utility Locating Services

Client Problem

A petroleum and gas pipeline company contracted the utility locating services of Encompass Inspections for a project replacing a large section of existing pipeline. The areas in question contained a large amount related utilities, such as pump jacks, flow lines, electrical, and water lines. Additionally, existing plans did not accurately show the locations of any of these underground utilities.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections utilized three pieces of equipment for this project. The Radio Detection system (RD 7000) was used to locate any existing underground electrical or communications conduits. Secondly, our Ground Penetrating Radar System (GSSI 3000) was used to assist in locating metallic pipes and any additional anomalies in the excavation area. Then concluding the survey process with the Magnetometer,  allowed the technician to detect metallic objects such as metal flow line valves and pipes. GPR and RD also helps the technician to determine depths of found underground utilities or anomalies.

Results We Delivered

With the utilization of GPR, RD, and Magnetometer systems, Encompass Inspections provided the best technology approach for locating all of the project conflicting utilities and anomalies. Encompass Inspections accurately located the underground utility lines including: flow lines, injection lines, electrical conduits, and water lines.  All utility lines were defined by weather resistance markings on site enabling our client to safely and efficiently finish their project.

Client Savings

By providing the location and depth of each underground utility, the contractor saves both time and money on their project. Hiring Encompass Inspections to locate underground utility lines reduces the contractors time spent hand digging to locate each utility and reduces the chance of striking any unforeseen utilities. Don’t risk a utility strike on your next project, call Encompass Inspections today!

Oil Pipeline Utility Locating Services

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