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Utility Locate for Solar Panel Installation Project

Underground Utility Locating for Solar Panels

Client Problem

The Catalina Resort had two solar arrays being installed and requested Encompass Inspections to perform a private underground utility locate for the trench path that needed to be cleared of all utility conflicts. The client needed to insure all utilities were identified and marked out so the trenching project could take place without damaging any utilities.

How We Responded

We met with the owners representative and contractor on site. Before beginning any utility locating activities, we conducted a walk through with the project team to verify the excavation path of the trench they intended to follow.  After we completed the project walk and knew what was needed to be done we were able to start locating all utility lines in the work areas

Results We Delivered

Using ground penetrating radar and radio detection we were able to trace out all utilities and identify any underground anomalies that were in conflict of the trench excavation path. Encompass Inspections technician marked water, sewer, all communications and power lines on the property. We marked all utilities with paint based on the standard utility color code.  Pictures were taken and measurements were recorded to be able to provide a full report to customer of the identified utilities.

Client Savings

By marking all utilities accurately for the customer, the contractor can trench safely without damaging any of the property utilities thus saving money by not having to repair any utilities and allowing the customer to complete their project in a timely manner.

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