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Utility Line Locator Services for Amazon

Private Utility Locating Service

Client Problem

The contractor was tasked with expanding upon the existing conveyor belt system already in place for at the Amazon warehouse distribution center. Expansion of the conveyor system entailed the installation of an entire new line around the north, east, and west sides of the building.  The project required GPR scanning and utility locating broken down into 800 square feet sections to be completed in seven days covering a total of 5,600 square feet.

How We Responded

In addition to the utility locate, GPR concrete scanning also needed to be performed to help identify electrical conduit runs, gas lines, water lines. Since there are multiple utilities running in the concrete slab, the entire warehouse had to be scanned by handheld ground penetrating radar. Every section had to be done north to south then east to west and then done, and at a diagonal to make sure no anomalies were running through the area that would be struck when drilling.

Results We Delivered

In total five electrical lines and upwards of twenty five other utility lines were found to be in conflict with the scope of work in some way. Three conveyor brackets had to be moved in order to miss major electrical power lines, additionally several other small tweaks to the overall layout on the south side of the building.

Client Savings

The utility locating services provided by Encompass Inspections saved the contractor countless time and money by precisely showing where utilities entered and exited the work area. Had any of the numerous utility lines been hit, the building would have to be shut down, costing both Amazon and the contractor money and downtime. The rate at which we were able to perform the utility scan made it possible for the construction crew to work at a normal pace and make necessary adjustments to their layout seamlessly.

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