Past Projects:
Underground Utility Scanning Sky Harbor Airport

Locating Underground Utilities

Client Problem

The contractor needed to renovate the right of way as you drive in to the airport. They are transforming the grassy area into a more environmentally friendly desert landscape with gravel and water friendly plats. To do this they needed to re grade the area which included taking up to a foot from the existing surface. Old irrigation that had been partially removed would also need to be located if possible so that it could all be taken out and replaced with a drip system.  Underground electrical lines were also believed to be running through the area, so an underground utility locating survey needed to be performed.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections responded by using ground penetrating radar and radio detection units for the locate area. The area had lighting so each individual street light had to be taken apart and directly connected to in order to determine how the electrical for the area was ran, and if it crossed through the excavation area. Since the irrigation was a major concern the area was scanned with a three foot pattern with the GPR to try an locate the underground waterlines.

Results We Delivered

The locate survey provided the customer with a layout of the irrigation line with the help of our ground penetrating radar system . In addition to locating the PVC water lines, electrical and sewer lines were also located and accurately marked out for the customer.

Client Savings

Avoiding damages to multiple utility lines on this project, allowed the hiring contractor to successfully complete their work.  Avoid service interruptions on your next project by calling Encompass Inspections today.

utility line locator

utility markout

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