Past Projects:
Underground Utility Marking for Trench Path

Private Utility Line Locating for Trench Path

Client Problem

Our client was going to trench across the lot at an Edison facility to install new conduits. The contractor needed to avoid hitting any electric power lines or any other utility lines in the dig area. Because the area was congested, all utilities must be marked accurately so the contractor can trench across safely without damaging underground lines.

How We Responded

Before the locating activities began, a job safety analysis (JSA) was conducted along with walk through of location inside the Edison facility. We walked the location of concern where the sawcutting and trenching would take place, and made sure we were on the same page with our client to mark and scan the complete work area..

Results We Delivered

After determining the exact scope of work and walked the area with the client we began the locating process.  We started by using the RD7000 radio detection pipe and cable locator, and we were able to mark out all power and Edison communication lines.  We also used radio detection technology to mark out street lights, and irrigation lines. After running a radio detection utility locate we used ground penetrating radar (GPR) to verify all findings and also scan for any unknown underground private utilities in the work areas.


Client Savings

By marking all the utilities on time and accurately our customer was able to stick to his schedule and was able to trench successfully without damaging any site utilities.  Encompass Inspections consistently provides our clients accurate pinpoint utility locates, thus our customers benefit by saving time and money by sticking to construction schedules and are able to avoid large costs by not having to repair any utilities.

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