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Underground Utility Locating Services at Samsung Facility

Locating Underground Electric Lines

Client Problem

Encompass Inspections was contacted by an engineering firm to conduct a utility locate survey at the Samsung Austin Semiconductor facility in Austin, TX. The utility locator inspection was to be conducted on a section of the front lawn near the main fountain. The engineering firm was there to repair the electrical lines running from the fountain’s pump station to the main building and needed to know the exact location of the buried electrical line.

How We Responded

An Encompass Inspections underground locator arrived onsite and utilized both ground penetrating radar (GSSI 3000) and Radio Detection (RD 8000), to provide the most accurate form of utility locating. The RD 8000 utility locator allows for quick and accurate location of both electrical and communication lines, along with metallic piping and other utilities containing tracer wires. While the ground penetrating radar system services a greater depth of locating potential through its ability to locate utilities deeper underground, locates non-metallic pipes, and finds underground voids and other underground anomalies.

Results We Delivered

Encompass Inspections provides accurate locating of electrical lines running from the pump station to the main building, along with the location of several other nearby electrical and low voltage power lines. Each located electrical line was marked in red paint and flags, providing the engineers with an easy to follow guide before the digging and line repairs begin. The utilization of flags and solvent based paint allows for a non permanent yet weather resistant manner of marking found underground utilities.

Client Savings

The underground locating survey conducted provides important information to the client before they begin any excavation. This information not only saves time digging to or around specific utilities, but also eliminates the risk of striking previously unknown utility lines. Damaging existing utilities can cause damage to both equipment and personnel, along with adding unnecessary costs to projects.  Encompass Inspections works with our clients to help them complete their projects using safer and more efficient utility locating services.

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