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Underground Utility Locating Los Angeles Coliseum

Private Utility Locating Service

Client Problem

Our client had to trench a line of approximately four hundred feet inside the Los Angeles coliseum, and was concerned about hitting any high profile utilities going into the coliseum. To get the job done quickly and accurately, the client hired  Encompass Inspections to locate private utilities underground.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections Southern California office dispatched a technician to the jobsite within 24 hours of the project request.  Following a safety orientation meeting, the locate technician and superintendent walked the work area to review the complete project scope.  It was crucial to mark out any underground utility lines since our client had no as built prints and no knowledge of what was utility lines were in their trench path. 

Results We Delivered

Using ground penetrating radar and radio detection technologies, the technician started scanning and immediately began marking out utility lines that were in conflict with the trench path.  Utility lines in the dig area included: power lines, gas, sewer, and a duct bank of telecommunications. The technician mark all of the underground findings directly onto the surface so they are visible to the contractor and then performed utility mapping services using a Google map image to show where all of the found underground utilities were. Meeting a quick project schedule allowed the client to begin to trench safely without damaging any utilities or experiencing project delays.

Client Savings

Marking all site utilities for our clients allows them to navigate their projects successfully, removing any concern for damaging underground utility lines, while keeping their workforce safe and on schedule.

private utility locating services southern california

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Encompass Inspections offers Ground Penetrating Radar/Concrete X-ray, Underground Utility Locating, Video Camera Inspection and Leak Detection services for all of Southern California including: Los Angeles, San Diego, Long Beach, Temecula, Anaheim, and surrounding cities.  For more information on our equipment and services, refer to our equipment page.

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