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Underground Utility Locating Cell Tower Projects

Locating Private Utility Lines

Client Problem

Encompass was contacted by a local contractor to conduct utility locating and underground GPR scanning. The client is constructing a new cell tower on a corner lot with a proposed excavation trench running through the adjacent intersection, continuing 45 ft inside the lot. The client had as-built drawings on site, allowing the technician to be well informed of all know utilities in the proposed dig area.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections responded to the request for service by arriving on site within 24 hours.  Once on site an initial walk around the job location with customer was performed to ensure the entire scope of work was located.  Needing to locate all underground utilities in the designated area, the locate technician began the utility locate survey. The technician used an RD7000 (radio detection) and GPR (ground penetrating radar) equipment to conduct the underground locating project. Several locating techniques where used with the RD7000 to locate site utilities, from ground wire connection, to using rodders inside conduits, to power sweep and locating clamp methods.  GPR underground utility scanning was also conducted in the planned excavation area to locate abandoned water lines.

Results We Delivered

Encompass Inspections provided the customer with accurate underground utility locating and ground penetrating radar services.  The locate technician was able to mark and identify all of the underground site utility lines using radio detection and ground penetrating radar equipment. Using multiple locating techniques and equipment allows for a complete underground survey to be performed, enabling a comprehensive understanding of all of the underground infrastructure on any proposed dig site. All located utility lines were clearly marked in their designated color with marking paint; electrical lines-red, communication lines-orange, gas lines-yellow, water lines-blue, sewer lines-green.

Client Savings

Encompass Inspections was able to locate all of the underground utilities on the cell phone tower project site.  Accurate utility locating helped the customer to have a better understanding of where the utilities are and if they need to make any adjustments to their plans or excavation path. Encompass Inspections provides its customers valuable knowledge of accurate locations of underground utilities, while preventing costly damages and unsafe excavations nationwide.

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