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Underground Scanning and Utility Mapping at Mobile Home Park

GPR Underground Utility Lines

Client Problem

A mobile home park had an emergency and called upon the services of Encompass Inspections to locate traceable and visible utilities that would impede the installation of new individual electric meters as the property owners are all on a shared electric grid. The Phase 1 of the project consisted of trenching the main power line and installing the transformers and meters. The main concern was to have possible utilities in/or crossing the street detected to avoid conflicts in the excavation area. The customer also wanted a complete Auto-Cad GPS Utility Mapping plan provided upon completion of the locate.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections Arizona office dispatched two utility locate technicians to stay ahead of the trenching crews. After meeting with the client, the technicians conducted an onsite walk through each day on site to gather information that would help increase the accuracy of the survey and reduce time spent troubleshooting any potential issues. Upon completion of the walk through, the technicians began surveying the entire white trench markings in order to identify visible utility structures to assess what tools and equipment is necessary to successfully complete the private utility locate project per the customer’s specifications.

Results We Delivered

The Encompass Inspections team was able to coordinate with the contractors each day through Phase 1 to protect the current underground utility infrastructure. Since most of the utility lines were private lines a Bluestake or 811 call would not have given our customer the information they needed.  Encompass Inspections locates the 65% of utilities that are not covered under 811 Bluestake, we locate such private utilities as; sewer, gas lines, electric power, water, satellite TV communication cables, irrigation as well as unknown/abandoned lines. The map we provided the client contained GPS fixed locations of the marked utilities laid over a Google earth image to reference and maintain knowledge of the utility infrastructure for years to come.


Client Savings

The customer had to tackle the monumental task of providing the remaining 75% of the residents with individual electric meters as it is on a shared system. Encompass Inspections was able to help the project stay safe, as an outside contractor excavated thousands of feet of trench without damaging any underground utility lines.  The services the Encompass Inspections team provided, enabled the client to have long term valuable information to use on future phases of renovation to the complex. 

ground scanning radar

ground sonar

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