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Locating post tension cables – The Mirage Resort and Casino

GPR and RD scan of 20 Rooms

Client Problem

The Engineers at The Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada is adding 20 ceiling lifts for handicapped. ​ The ceiling lifts are motorized devices that lifts and transfers a person from point to point along an overhead track. The overhead track is needing multiple brackets to support the weight of the persons. The brackets are using four inch anchor pins to be inserted into the post tensioned concrete ceiling in many locations for each of the 20 rooms. The Engineers are needing the depth of the post tensioned cables in the concrete ceiling as well as the precise locations of the cables.

How We Responded

The Mirage Hotel and Casino Engineers requested for the post tensioned cables to be identified and accurately marked with depth along the layout in each of the 20 rooms for the ceiling handicapped lifts. The project called for Encompass Inspections to use The GSSI Ground Penetrating Radar Handcart unit. The GPR handcart allows for us to scan directly over each bracket layout along the ceiling lift track and in real time identify potential obstructions and the depths of each one as well marking in bright yellow keel to ensure the visibility of the marks.

how deep does gpr go?

Results We Delivered

The Mirage Hotel and Casino requested Encompass Inspections to scan over 200 bracket locations in 20 hotels rooms for the new ceiling handicapped lifts to be installed safely. We used our state-of-the-art GSSI Ground Penetrating Radar Handcart to identify depths and precise locations of the rebar, post tensioned cables and electrical/communication conduits within the concrete ceilings. Our well trained and seasoned technician was able to interpret the GPR images and provided the Engineers with a sameday direct layout of the post tensioned cables as well as the depths of each cable. We do not stop there. We also used our Radio Detection Receiver in Power/Radio Mode to aid in the location and depths of electrical/communication conduits within the concrete ceiling. We used bright yellow keel to identify the locations of the post tensioned cables, rebar and electrical/communication conduits. The direct layout we provide gives the engineers the ability to make instant structural calculations, adjusted brackets/measurements instantly to avoid obstructions and gives them the opportunity to instantly install the brackets. The system Encompass Inspections uses aids Engineers throughout  the nation to keep their projects on time and safe from obstructions while coring or embedding into concrete.


Client Savings

We take great pride in supplying all of our technicians throughout the nation with the most updated equipment and strenuous job site training to accurately locate anomalies for a wide variety of situations. All this to utilize the full extent of all our equipment in aim to keep our 100% fault free locating true. The Mirage Hotel and Casino Engineers needed these bracket installs to go unimpeded as a post tensioned cable hit could result in; massive concrete damage at the hit location, potentially causing the post tensioned cable to ejected out of each end of the elevated slab, result in injury or death to the core driller or bystanders around elevated slab by the ejected post tensioned cables. The monetary aspect of this project is irrelevant as there are potential lives in jeopardy.

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