Past Projects:
Locating utility lines for a trench excavation – Sushi Bar

Utility Locate / Ground Penetrating Radar

Client Problem

Encompass Inspections was contacted by a local contractor needing to clear a trench on the backside of the sushi bar to allow for a water repair and to make sure the water line runs in a safe and effective manner.

How We Responded

A Technician was dispatched from Encompass Inspections California office and arrived on the jobsite in Malibu, California within 24 hours of the project request.  Once a job site walk was completed with the contractor for the water company, Encompass Inspections set out to identify and mark out all of the existing subsurface utilities.

Results We Delivered

The underground locator revealed existing electrical conduits, electrical street lights, gas pipes, air lines, sanitary sewer and water lines underground within the proposed excavation area by utilizing RD7000 Utility Locator and Ground Penetrating Radar.  Upon completing the Underground Utility Locating, the results were marked directly onto the surface allowing the water repair crew to perform their trenching safely and without any damage to the structure or job site personnel.

Client Savings

Using both GPR and underground pipe locator technologies simultaneously, it greatly reduced the project costs by allowing the project to be marked out accurately and efficiently.

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