Past Projects:
GPR scan – Sunset tunnel

Concrete GPR Scan

Client Problem

Encompass Inspections was contacted by a leading International Infrastructure Group needing to clear 480 coring locations to allow for anchors to hold future conduits in place. Encompass Inspections area manager Anthony Parra and technicians Greg Massey and John Reyes from the California office spent several nights working inside the Sunset tunnel to avoid the busy train schedule.

How We Responded

Once a jobsite walk with the lead contractor was completed, Encompass Inspections set out to identify and mark all post-tension cables, rebar and conduits within the ceiling of the concrete slab using Ground Penetrating Radar.

Results We Delivered

Upon completing the concrete imaging, the results were marked directly onto the surface allowing the General Contractor to perform their core drills safely and without any damage to the structure or jobsite personnel.  To insure this government contracted project was completed safely and accurately, our team onsite underwent special railroad safety training and were got certified on using high hail gear bucket trucks.  In addition, the Encompass crew always worked as a two man team ensuring that the project would run smoothly and safely.

how deep does gpr go?

Client Savings

Using Encompass Inspections allowed the contractor to core drill safely into the concrete without damaging post tension cables or electrical conduits. Not only does it save time and money to miss PTcables and conduits, but it is also extremely dangerous to drill into either.

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