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Sinkhole void detection survey using Ground Penetrating Radar

Underground Sinkhole Void Detection

Client Problem

Encompass Inspections was contacted by a General Contractor to perform a sub surface ground penetrating radar investigation at specific locations, looking for potential underground voids as the neighborhood has been experiencing sinkholes. The General Contractor needed each of the utilities throughout the areas identified as well as a sinkhole survey using Ground Penetrating Radar to protect the integrity of the existing utilities. The site totaled approximately 5,000+ feet of Ground Penetrating Radar geophysical scan to locate possible voids under the street of this gated neighborhood.  All potential void concerns were marked on site with keel to keep the project as private as possible.

How We Responded

Our Technician was dispatched from Encompass Inspections California office and arrived on the jobsite within 24 hours of the project request. Our specialty trained Ground Penetrating Radar Locate Technician first walked to project site to perform preliminary tailgate meeting with the client, and Engineers to understand the scope of the project, identify utility structures and identify potential job site hazards present as there were active sinkholes for each area needing underground investigation.

Results We Delivered

We accessed the known underground fiber optic vaults, sewer/storm drain manholes, and electric lines  to name a few. Our Technician then safely connected our Radio Detection 7000 utility locator system to the visible lines inside vaults and  conduits, marking signals in according colors. After we verified the location for each utility structure on the as-built, we used GSSI Ground Penetrating Radar system to mark any areas of concern for potential underground voids and possible sinkhole evaluation.

Client Savings

The result of on potential void going undetected has and will continue to cause sinkholes. The active community of this area in California can’t risk the results of another sinkhole happening. Just days before we arrived there was two sinkholes that both took in vehicles.   Vehicle and property damage potential, along with the public safety of the neighborhood, heightened the urgency to locate sinkhole areas so they can be repaired prior to causing further damages. Encompass Inspections uses state of the art technology with a specialty trained GPR technicians to ensure the safety of projects across the nation.

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