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Sewer line video inspection services

Video Inspection Sanitary Sewer Lines

Client Problem

Encompass was contacted by a commercial construction company in need of a sewer line camera inspection in order to pinpoint a break point located in a sewer line. The company was installing another utility and determined that a nearby section of sewer line was broken, but could not determine its location despite several attempts digging for it.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections utilized four pieces of equipment for this project. The Radio Detection system (RD 8000) was connected to a 250 foot Rodder to determine the location of the entire section of sewer line. Next, the video camera inspection system was run through the line to visually locate the break point. By utilizing the video camera inspection system and sonde the technician is able to determine the exact location of the break for the customer.

Results We Delivered

By using subsurface investigation equipment; video camera inspection system, Radio Detection, Rodder, and Sonde, Encompass Inspections was able to accurately and efficiently locate the sewer line and the break location. Marking out our findings allows the contractor to pinpoint their repairs and further construction in a safer and more efficient manner.

Client Savings

Providing the exact location and depth of both the sewer line and break in the sewer line allowed the contractor to save both time and money on their project. The contractor can continue construction without the risk of further damaging the existing sewer line, while no longer having to waste manpower resources trying to locate the sewer line by hand digging methods.

Video inspecting sewer lines

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