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Ground Penetrating Radar for tenant improvements – Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall

Concrete GPR and RD Scan

Client Problem

The Scottsdale Fashion Square Engineers and General contractors needed an instant direct layout to determine the safest coring location free from reinforcement and electrical/communication conduits. The engineers and general contractors were in the process of changing out Neiman Marcus, over 100,000 square feet of space, to offering 5+ tenants for that one space. They needed Encompass Inspections to scan over 50+ cores in the parking garage and inside the department store for the adding of floor boxes, plumbing and fire protection lines.

How We Responded

The project called for the Encompass Inspections technician to use Ground Penetrating Radar combined with Radio Detection to ensure the reinforcement and conduits are located efficiently and accurately for all 50+ areas. The technician first investigated the bottom of the slab to determine the type of concrete slab. After the investigation we were able to determine the concrete was pan decking. ​ Steel pan deck is a cold formed corrugated steel sheet supported by steel joists or beams, it is used to support concrete. It was developed to provide a structurally efficient and lightweight product for use in roof and floor systems.

Results We Delivered

The Scottsdale Fashion Square Engineers and General Contractors needed Encompass Inspections to scan the steel pan deck concrete slabs for the addition of 5 plus tenants in the old Neiman Marcus suite. For each of the 50+ core drill locations we used both GSSI Ground Penetrating Radar in Concrete Mode and Radio Detection in Power/Radio Mode to provide the engineers and general contractors a direct structural layout. The pan decking specifically calls for a non-typical layout of the concrete structure. The GPR is able to provide us instant digital images and we are able to determine the high and low spots of the steel decking, the low spots have a higher probability of containing electrical/communication conduits within the concrete. We then take extra measures by using our Radio Detection Receiver in Power/Radio mode to specifically pinpoint conduit locations and mark the beam locations as well. For each of the 50+ core drill locations we were to provide a four foot by 2 foot direct layout of the high and low sections of the steel decking, conduit and beam locations, this gave the contractors the ability to account to layout errors or changes to plans. Our instant direct layout system gives the contractor the ability to confidently core drill the locations and core drill them instantly after our completion.

Client Savings

Encompass Inspections had the ability to perform multiple different projects in the same visit as we always carry the most advanced equipment for any diverse project. We take great pride in supplying all of our technicians throughout the nation with the most updated equipment and strenuous job site training to accurately locate anomalies for a wide variety of situations. All this to utilize the full extent of our equipment in aim to keep our 100% fault free locating true. The result of a potential electrical conduit hit could be existential and cause up to 3rd degree burns, cardiac arrest/brain damage or result in the loss of a life. The hit would result in the full shutdown of that circuit and could potentially shut down major sections of the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall as it is a high profile location. The shutdown could result in the loss of assets, temporary data breaching and customer complaint. The dollar amount is not even a concern when people’s lives could be in danger.

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