Past Projects:
Scanning for Subsurface utility lines at Coca Cola Facility

Utility Line Locating

Client Problem

Encompass Inspections was contacted by a General Contractor for the Coca-Cola Manufacturing plant in Morristown, New Jersey, needing to clear utility lines for two specific locations including areas of asphalt removal for the installation of bollard lighting. The General Contractor needed each of the utilities throughout the area identified as well as a Geophysical Survey using GSSI Ground Penetrating Radar to protect the integrity of the steel reinforcement within the concrete slab.

How We Responded

The contractor had a to work an overnight schedule to reduce the impact to the facility, our technicians were able to accommodate this request.  Upon arriving the General Contractor had to conduct a site safety hazard analysis to be sure all safety standards are met. Encompass was to identify underground utility pipes and locate any steel rebar reinforcing in the concrete floor.

Results We Delivered

Our locate technician accessed the mechanical/fire riser rooms, underground fiber optic vaults, sewer lines, storm drain manholes, conduits  and electric pull boxes to name a few. Our Technician was able to safely connect the visible utility lines inside vaults and conduit pull boxes, then proceeded in marking the utilities in according colors. After we verified the location for each utility structure on the as-built related to the actual area we performed a GPR concrete imaging scan to locate the rebar within the concrete slab.

Client Savings

Client savings for this project were not only monetary but also saved in man hours for tearing up the concrete slab.  If the customer had to hand dig to find all the answers they needed, they would have lost time and resources to complete the rigorous feat.  Encompass was able to work around the numerous pieces of equipment on site so no working areas had to be shut down during the utility locate.

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