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Underground Locate – SA Recycling Plant

Underground Locate

Client Problem

The SA Recycling’s operations manager needed Encompass Inspections to locate specific conduits at the point at which they are damaged. They have discovered 3 of the 5 newly installed PVC conduits that control the automated movements of their new Material Sorter. The operations manager needed to excavate directly over the location of the break to expose each of the damage conduit lines and wanted to avoid damaging current utilities in surrounding areas.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections specialty trained technician first walked with the client and performed a 360 degree walk of the project to determined we needed access into specific switch cabinets that then led to an underground vault where these conduits were intersected.  After gaining access to each utility structure for the 3 specific conduits in question, we then needed to access each end of the conduit in order to successfully insert our fiberglass rodder with a locatable sonde attached. The sonde is a small attachment that is able to give off a specific frequency that is then received by our Radio Detection utility locator. The customer needs the precise location of each of the three broken conduits to ensure a quick excavation without having to tear up unnecessary concrete.

Results We Delivered

Encompass Inspections was given access into the switch cabinets and the underground vault to get to each of the three broken conduits. After successfully roddering each of the three conduits, we were able to directly connect to the rodder using our RadioDetection 7000 locator, allowing our technician the ability to pinpoint the each break location.  Once located, we marked the pinpointed location with a red “X”, this was repeated five times, one pull of the fiberglass rodder in each direction to meet in the middle.  There were no electrical lines inside the pipe during our time on site and the conduits themselves were made out of non-conductive PVC. By having our Jameson Fiberglass Rodder we are able to insert our own flexible line into any conduit ¼ of an inch or larger. The operations manager of the SA Recycling Plant’s main concern is that the breaks are pinpointed, to ensure a fast repair and to minimize any lost labor hours.  Because of our multi tool technology approach to underground utility locating, Encompass Inspections was able to quickly and accurately identify the utility lines in question.

Client Savings

The contractor’s largest concern was to protect the existing utilities during the repairing of the electrical/communication lines as well as minimize the amount of time and concrete removal during the repairing of the conduits. Encompass Inspections puts its technicians through extensive jobsite and equipment training to provide our customers consistent, dependable utility locating results, protecting underground infrastructure nationwide. We take pride in preserving all our customer assets including water lines, sewer pipes, electrical conduit, gas lines, communication lines, fiber optic cables any many other underground anomalies.  The results of a damage to any utilities can range in cost from hundreds to millions of dollars for the customer, our clients can rest assured that Encompass Inspections will deliver accurate private utility locating services at and affordable price.

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