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Residential Private Utility Locate Services

Residential Private Utility Locate

Client Problem

Encompass Inspections was contacted by a residential customer to locate primary utility lines and any unknown utilities within the proposed dig area. The challenge of this locate was to work around 2 septic tanks in the yard waiting to be put in place.

How We Responded

Our utility locate technician arrived at the customers residence to conduct a utility locate and ground penetrating radar survey.  The customer requested a 30 minute call prior to the technician arriving on site so they could be sure they were home when the locate was in progress. The equipment that was used was a RD (Radio Detection) and the GSSI GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar).

Results We Delivered

Encompass Inspections located electrical conduits, sewer pipes, and natural gas lines running through the dig area. The utilities that were found are marked in their appropriate paint colors.  The customer had also requested a job report be provided with a detailed sketch of the found utilities. At the end of each locate, Encompass Inspections technicians walk with the customer to review our findings and make sure that everything they needed was completed in a satisfactory manner.

Client Savings

The services helped the client by reducing the cost of potential damages that could have occurred during the digging activities.  Encompass Inspections provides easy to understand site markings for all of its residential customers to insure their safety and the safety of their underground utility lines.

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Encompass Inspections offers Ground Penetrating Radar/Concrete X-ray, Underground Utility Locating, Video Camera Inspection, Void Detection and Leak Detection services for all of Arizona including: Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Glendale, and the surrounding cities.  For more information on our equipment and services, refer to our equipment page.

Encompass Inspections offers nationwide service.  If you need to schedule a project, please review our locations to locate your nearest technician.

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