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Private Utility Locating Services at Kirtland AFB

Utility Markout Services

Client Problem

An approved site management team project was to update existing footing and sewer lines in four small areas around Kirtland’s C-130 Maintenance Hangar. They are needing to make these improvements without any As-Builts/Site Plans to know where any possible existing utilities so they can avoid damaging them. The areas were concerning to the contractors as there are visible utility structures for each of the four areas.  In order to know what is below, Encompass Inspections was hired to perform private utility locating services.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections sent one of their experienced technicians to the Kirtland Air Force Base to locate any possible utilities and anomalies that would impede the scope of work. The technician first performed a 360 walk-through for each of the four areas needing inspection. We determined the primary technology to be used is the Ground Penetrating Radar Utility Cart to scan the entire slab of the existing building to determine if there were any utilities in the area, as there were only a few visible utility structures to directly connect to, or indirect clamp/induce. The technician used the RD to direct connect to the transformer and switchgear nearest the existing building to attempt to trace the signal using standard locating methods. This was successful, and it showed the primary running along the outside of the building. The technician used the handheld GPR to scan the entire floor, mark the possible location of the existing floor drains, and to rule out any other utilities under the slab, which helped the site management team to plan their work around these potential hazards.

Results We Delivered

Encompass Inspections delivered quality findings of the subsurface infrastructure. Encompass Inspections was able to provide possible markings on site for gas lines, electrical high profile lines, low voltage lighting, underground water lines, high profile fiber optic lines and telecommunication lines. The technician marked out all of his findings directly on site with marking paint and flags. He was also able to provide the contractor with utility depths when possible.

Client Savings

The services helped the client by reducing the cost of damages that could have occurred by  digging without knowing where the underground utility lines were located. By using our utility locating services, it saved the customer from having to pothole each line to verify with digging equipment where utilities are located. Encompass Inspections also creates a safe environment for the excavation area by locating unknown utilities.

locating private utility lines

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