Past Projects:
Private Utility Locating for Design Build Project

Underground Utility Survey

Client Problem

An engineering firm was designing a new building on a plot of land in Mt. Shasta, CA. As part of the design build, they needed to locate all private underground utilities for the approximately two-acre site, which had no buildings on it but was adjacent to several other businesses.

How We Responded

Encompass dispatched a locate technician to survey all of the underground utilities in the proposed building area. Using RD 8000 pipe locating equipment, the technician used several different locating methods to locate utilities.  These methods included, direct connecting to both utilities and tracer wires buried with utilities, and clamping several 3-phase electric wires that could not be directly connected to, but were within the scope of the project. The technician also located storm sewers by feeding a conductive rodder line through the drain line, and directly connecting to it.  The technician then used the walk-behind underground ground penetrating radar system to conduct a full utility scan of the entire work area, to verify the found underground pipes as well as to possibly find any unknown plastic conduit utility lines.

Results We Delivered

The technician was able to accurately locate electrical conduits, liquid propane gas lines, natural gas pipes, water lines, sanitary sewer piping, storm sewer lines, telephone cables, and streetlight lines within the scope of the work, and marked them in paint colors consistent with uniform marking standards. The GPR scans did not uncover any additional sub surface utilities, but did verify the accuracy of the marked utility lines. The natural gas lines were found to be outside the scope of the work. One unexpected finding was that the streetlights, which did not initially appear to be in the scope, were fed from a pole on the opposite side of the work area, cutting directly across the work area. Another discovery during the utility locate, was that the open field with utility poles running through it also had live water mainline, sewer lateral lines, and storm drain lines running through it.

Client Savings

Thanks to Encompass Inspections, the contractor was able to perform his work safely, without damaging any existing utilities, and now has accurate as-built sketch of where the discovered underground utilities are so that he can determine the best places on the site to dig at a later date.

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