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Private Utility Locating Cell Phone Towers

Underground Utility Locating Services

Client Problem

Private utility locating cell phone towers nationwide. Encompass was contacted by a contractor who was looking for utility locating and GPR scanning services in a fenced area were a telecommunication tower was going to be replaced with a new cell tower and needed the area to be clear of any possible underground utilities before any excavation was done.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections was able to go out to the job site to conduct a utility locate and GPR scan within 24 hours notice from the request for utility locate. Our locate technician utilized Radio Detection and Ground Penetrating Radar to locate all underground site utilities. Since most of the utilities were visable on site, the technician used his RD 7000 locator by directly hooking up to any tracer wires or conductive metal pipes. Power mode was used to locate the electrical drop line since he could not hook up directly to the lines.

Results We Delivered

Encompass Inspections was able to locate the electrical line coming from the electrical power pole to the power box and was feeding the building. A communication line was also located coming from the pole towards the distribution panel box which then branched off to the building and a communication pedestal. An underground gas line was located from two separate propane tanks that feed two different backup generators. All utilities were marked in their appropriate color to distinguish themselves to the customer. Underground GPR scanning showed no other utilities in the ground or any anomalies that could have been in the contractors excavation area.

Client Savings

While the client was not on site to inspect the job the technician had done, the client has a great deal of confidence in the level of precise utility locating Encompass Inspections provides them on every job. Additionally a follow up call was made to get in contact with the client and explain all of our findings from the utility locating survey. Our client was pleased to know that the technician was able to locate all utilities which would save him time in having to take unneeded stops to hand dig.

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