Past Projects:
Private Utility Locating and Ground Penetrating Radar Survey at VA Hospital

Locating Underground Utility Lines

Client Problem

A General Contractor needed to have underground utility locating services performed on their proposed trench path.  The project manager on site contacted the Encompass Inspections office to set up a private utility locate at the VA hospital.  The area of the hospital campus that needed to be located was a large area as the trench path took multiple paths throughout the job site.  Utility lines located in these areas included electrical conduits, communications cables, sewer pipes, water mainlines, and gas lines.   In addition to the utilities identified, the customer wanted a ground penetrating radar scan to be sure there were no unknown or abandoned utility lines prior to excavating.

How We Responded

Our office was able to send out a technician for this multi day private utility scan to meet the project demands of the owner and the contractor. Once arriving on site, the customer completed a walk through with the technician to be sure all the work areas were defined for locating activities.  The general contractor was able to provide as-builts for the site to help the technician know what he was looking for in addition to the locating of unknown utilities.

Results We Delivered

Encompass Inspections used Radio Detection pipe and cable locating, and GPR underground scanning to locate the traceable existing and abandoned utilities in the area of work. Among all the utilities found, electric, gas, water, and sewer were able to be traced out and marked accordingly per customer request.  All the utilities were marked on the surface in the appropriate paint colors.  Some of the areas in question were very congested making it difficult to differentiate the utilities, however, Encompass technicians were able to distinguish between the utilities and have them marked out appropriately.

Client Savings

Using GPR technology and Radio Detection it greatly reduced the project costs by allowing it to be marked out accurately. With all the different utilities in close proximity to one another, the customer was able to identify which of the utilities were underground prior to any digging.  Our technicians can quickly and accurately provide underground locating services on a variety of sites, from a small homeowner remodel, to a large acreage commercial utility mapping project.  Our top of the line equipment and training set Encompass apart from the competition.

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