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Private Utility Locate for Dallas Museum of Art

Utility Locating

Client Problem

The Dallas Museum of Art is undergoing a major renovation for the Sculpture Garden. The contractors are needing to protect most of the existing infrastructure as they are only making improvements with the future in mind by using a system of french drains and ground troth drains. French drains are perforated PVC pipes the typically installed on top of the clay layer of soil underground to insure the proper movement of groundwater, thus preventing standing water and over watering to occur. Trough drains are a linear floor drain typically used in preventing standing water on smooth surfaces where water is prevalent. The contractors are needing to be diligent during the construction as it is an active museum and they have received information of utilities being in conflict with the renovation work in the landscaped and concrete areas where these drains are to be installed.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections was able to respond within 24 hours of their need to identify private underground utilities in the area of construction. We utilized our time on site efficiently by ensuring the clients needs were met and exceeded by first taking time with the facility managers, engineers and contractors to understanding the specific areas where the drains were to be installed.  Gaining access to the known utility structures in the surrounding areas as well as viewing accessible as-built drawings to ensure all known utility structures are identified. We took notice of obstructions and possible complications on site and brought them to the client’s deep does gpr go?

Results We Delivered

The area needing an utility inspection is a large outdoor courtyard with four large concrete planter boxes, in the middle of the courtyard is a beautiful pond taking up most of the open area. We were able to locate multiple water and electric lines feeding this large pond and its pumps. We were able to safely access the ground wire and directly connect our Radio Detection pipe locator to each individual line going into each conduit. We then performed a 360 degree sweep with the Radio Detection Receiver, the piece that picks up the electromagnetic signal when properly connected to a conductive line, to identify the possible location of that specific wire, marking the location in its proper nationally known color for electronic, red. We repeated the process until each individual accessible electric wire for each light, panel, junction box and pump electronic supply line was identified with a proper mark. We then attempted to connect to the visible water lines for the pond and the Radio Detection Receiver was unable to retrieve a signal during the 360 degree sweep, this would have been due to the water line being PVC. Encompass Inspections deploys another technology if this happens, our technicians have a technology capable of scanning for consistent anomalies(abnormalities to the native soil/concrete). The technology is Ground Penetrating Radar, the GPR Utility Cart used in this situation is for the purpose of locating non-conductive water lines and other unknown utilities that many be in the area. We were able to perform a tight grid pattern throughout the area needing utilities identified. The GPR underground scan was able to penetrate up to 10 feet into the native soil of the courtyard and we marked the underground anomalies.

Client Savings

Encompass Inspections was able to provide a visual representation of the underground infrastructure pertaining towards utilities the the key areas requested by using bright high-visibility paint site to ensure the contractors are able to visibly identify utilities in or around the dig area. The client’s main goal of the project is to prevent excessive water build up for the area to make walking through the beautiful sculpture garden safe, accessible and friendly. By having an active water line being damaged, the damage would result in a potentially large flood and would be against the main goal of the client, being that there is a lot of potential water lines in the area of construction it is vital not one was damaged. The site also contained many electrical lines running typically shallow through the areas of construction. Encompass Inspections continues to save its clients time and money by protecting and preserving underground infrastructure.

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how to locate underground lines

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