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Pipeline Locator Services for Sunoco

Line Location Services

Client Problem

Encompass Inspection was hired by a engineering consultant company to conduct utility locating and GPR services at a petroleum tank farm. The client will be conducting soil samples in designated areas where several petroleum tanks and petroleum lines are located. Since as-built were not available during the project the client needed to have all of the private utility lines located on site so they can conduct their soil sampling efforts without damaging underground utility lines.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections responded by providing locating services in three separate areas of the tank farm. Using a multi-technology approach, the locate technician used a RD7000 (radio detection) to locate utilities by directly hooking to metal pipelines or ground wire. GPR (ground penetration radar) was also conducted in 62 locations across the three service areas, GPR scans for the soil sampling areas varied from 10’X10’ or 15’X15’ in size.

Results We Delivered

Encompass Inspections located electrical lines in the three service areas using radio detection methods for locating the electrical conduit lines. Encompass also conducted GPR scanning in 62 areas and located several petroleum pipelines. After marking all of the RD and GPR findings, the locate technician performed a 60HZ power sweep which would detect any electrical or fiber optic lines that may have been missed. All findings were marked in the appropriate color.

Client Savings

Encompass Inspections helped the client reduce any chances of hitting any pipelines or underground utility line that may have been damaged during the soil sampling bores. Encompass Inspections provided accurate utility locating services to clear 62 areas, thus allowing the customer to adjust their soil boring layout to avoid potential utility strikes.

locating buried lines

locate power lines

locating underground utility service lines

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