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Client Problem

Encompass Inspections was called out to the mobile home park in Agoura by an independent contractor. The main concern was that the 48” corrugated metal storm drain pipe was not allowing water at a consistent flow from the inlet to outlet approximately 1,000 ft of pipe.  The contractor needed to have a video inspection of the storm drain performed with a crawler camera system.

How We Responded

Encompass arrived on site and performed a brief visual survey of the area by looking at both the outlet and inlet of the storm drain pipe.  With no external issues present, Encompass Inspections used our Envirosight crawler camera to visually inspect the inside condition of the storm water pipe.  We were able to document the condition of the underground pipe with high quality video and pictures showing the condition and defects witnessed in the pipeline.

Results We Delivered

The results of the video inspection survey revealed a collapsed pipe approximately 275 ft (see image below) after a slight bend in the pipe.  In this size pipe only a crawler camera video inspection with the proper setup could get this distance and provide the high quality images needed to verify the full extent of the damage pipe.  Identifying the exact distance was crucial for the contractor to know where to dig and repair the the damaged pipe.

Client Savings

Our client now has the ability to dig up the pipe and repair the problem before any major damage can occur.  A lot of times a broken or collapsed storm drain can cause major issues such as sink holes or water damage.  By knowing the condition of the underground pipe, and being able to pinpoint the exact damaged location of the pipe, the contractor can fix the problem quickly and effectively.

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