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Nationwide Underground Storage Tank Locate Services

Finding Underground Storage Tanks and Void Locating Services

Client Problem

Underground storage tank locate services were required by a contractor engaging in environmental remediation of a former gas station in Stockton, CA. The property had been converted into a retail store at some point in the past, and there were no visible indications that the property had ever contained underground storage tanks, but this was a concern, as these tanks are common in gas stations from a certain era.  The contractor needed to identify the location of any underground storage tanks (UST’s) so that soil testing could be done.

How We Responded

Encompass arrived on the site to locate any USTs. The technician began by attempting to find any vents for the below ground tanks, as these could be used to directly connect using conventional radio locating techniques. Unfortunately, there were no vents visible either inside the retail space or in the parking lot. The technician then used underground ground penetrating radar to locate any large underground anomalies or voids.

Results We Delivered

The technician discovered three underground anomalies, evenly spaced and approximately the same sizes and depths. The approximate locations of these anomalies were marked with pink paint to signify that they were unknown anomalies. Given the history of the site, the technician let the contractor know that it could be inferred that the anomalies found were underground storage tanks.

Client Savings

Thanks to Encompass Inspections, the contractor was able to perform their work safely without damaging any utilities or releasing any harmful substances from the previously unknown UST’s into the soil.  Encompass Inspections utility mapped the project for future reference.

Encompass Inspections locates UST's

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