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Locating Utility Lines for Solar Panel Project at VA Hospital

Private Utility Locating and Ground Penetrating Radar

Client Problem

An Electrical Contractor working for the VA hospital in Kerrville, TX enlisted the underground locating services of Encompass Inspections for their project laying multiple new utility lines around the facility. Each different trench line encompassed the area of several different buildings throughout the facility.  The areas all had contained a large amount of underground utilities, but they had no existing as built plans showing the exact location of the utility lines. Many of the old lines had been abandoned, as this facility was used in WWII for various reasons.

How We Responded

The contractor met with Encompass Inspections on site and walked all areas that were needing utility locates for the trench lines.  In order to accurately perform the utility locate, the technician utilized two pieces of equipment for this project, Radio Detection (RD) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). The Radio Detection was used to locate any existing underground electrical lines or communications conduits through directly connecting to such utilities. After running the RD, the Ground Penetrating Radar system was used to assist in locating non metallic pipes and any additional anomalies that could not be located through direct connection methods.  GPR and RD also aided the technician to determine approximate depths of the found utilities.

Results We Delivered

With the utilization of GPR and RD utility locating systems, Encompass Inspections was able to locate and mark all visible and traceable utilities running within and around the designated excavation areas. At this particular site there are also old abandoned tunnels that were located with the underground GPR, these tunnels were previously used in WWII an undocumented at the time.  The tunnels have been retrofitted to house a duct bank of utilities throughout the area. Many of the utilities were run together from building to building and easily locatable.  Though congested, Encompass Inspections was able to trace out and accurately mark all of the underground utility lines.

Client Savings

By providing the location and depth of each underground utility line, the contractor saves both time and money on their project. With accurate underground utility locating, the contractor was able to reduce the time spent hand digging to locate each utility.  Being able to pinpoint utility lines reduces the chance of striking any unforeseen utilities, thus increasing the overall safety and efficiency of the project.  In knowing that the utilities ran through the abandoned tunnels and from building to building in a pattern, the contractor was able to map out his trench lines easier once he knew where each of the utility banks were located.

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