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Locating Underground Storage Tanks (UST) with GPR

Concrete GPR and UST Locating

Client Problem

An nationwide environmental firm was hired to perform a site assessment and needed to verify there was not any power/electrical lines, unknown utilities, or underground storage tanks (UST’s) within the proposed boring areas. The ultimate goal of the ground penetrating radar locate was to verify there was no utilities in conflict with over 20 soil boring locations. After reviewing the clients concerns, Encompass Inspections was able to start the locating process.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections locate technician walked the site with the customer in order to identify the proposed soil boring areas and address all of the clients concerns and safety issues. Encompass Inspections attacked the problem by using both GSSI Ground Penetrating Radar with 400MHz antenna for the exterior areas and our 1600MHz GPR antenna for the interior concrete scanning. Additionally the locate technician utilized a RD7000 utility locating wand to locate and trace the buried electric lines.

Results We Delivered

After conducting the survey, Encompass Inspections was able to clear the work areas so the client could begin their soil boring activities without fear of damaging underground utility lines.  All traceable utilities outside of the areas were marked in their respective paint colors. Using ground penetrating radar in concrete allowed all of the rebar reinforcements to be marked out in the concrete slab. At the end of each locate, Encompass Inspections technicians walk with the onsite customer to review our findings and make sure that the client understands all of the utility markings.


Client Savings

Encompass Inspections utility locating services helps our clients to reduce project costs by avoid costly damages from striking a underground utility line.  Encompass Inspections provides our clients peace of mind that they can safely navigate any project without fear of damaging underground utility lines or underground storage tanks.

See Rebar layout in concrete slabs with GPR

how to find underground storage tanks UST's

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