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Locating Underground Gas Lines

Gas Line Locator

Client Problem

A local electrical contractor was conducting a survey of PG&E easements at Serramonte Center shopping mall in Daly City, CA. PG&E would not respond to requests to mark their facilities for this purpose, so the contractor hired Encompass Inspections to locate and mark each PG&E utility – gas and power – located on the south side of the mall. The mall had several long stretches of each utility where there was no access point from which to locate gas lines, and the contractor wasn’t certain if the utilities ran the length of the south side of the mall, or were fed individually from different points along the way.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections Northern California office dispatched a technician to Serramonte Center to locate the underground utilities. Using an RD 8000 locator, the technician directly connected to tracer wires for each gas main, and clamped each individual electrical line from several manholes located throughout the property. The locator also clipped directly to a few electrical handholes to use passive signals to locate the electric lines where there was no way to directly access the primary wires.

Results We Delivered

The technician located all electrical power lines and gas lines and services in the work area. It was determined after the locating was complete that both the gas and electric did not run the length of the south side of the mall, and instead there were two separate feeds for the southeast and southwest sides of the mall. The technician marked all power in red, and gas lines in yellow.

Client Savings

Thanks to Encompass Inspections providing accurate utility locates, the contractor was able to perform their survey and mapping, and has a sketch of where the underground utilities are located for future reference.

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