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Locating Underground Electric Lines at Port of Oakland

Locating Buried Electrical Lines

Client Problem

A local electrical contractor was installing bollards and moving an electrical panel underground (to be replaced by a vault) for the site lighting at one of the berths at the Port Of Oakland in Oakland, CA. Since this port is a major port, it was critical to make sure that the site lighting wiring remained intact and operational.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections arrived onsite quickly to keep the project on schedule for our client. The locate technician used the inductive clamp from the RD 7000 to transmit a signal to the wiring, isolating each individual conduit. This was done with the help of the contractor, who knew which conduit fed which light. The technician also clamped around a high-voltage primary emanating from a three-phase transformer, accessed by a vault.


Results We Delivered

The technician was able to uncover the exact path of each wiring conduit, and mark the electric lines on site with red paint. The three-phase primary took a much different path than the contractor had expected, and the placement of two of the site lighting conduits were such that the original bollard plan had to be updated so as not to damage the existing conduits.

Client Savings

Thanks to Encompass Inspections, the contractor was able to do their work safely, without damaging any existing utilities.  If Encompass had not marked these conduits, it could have resulted in a workflow stoppage or injury to the excavator.

locating underground electric lines

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