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Locating Rooftop Post Tension Cables at Gaylord National Resort

Avoid post tension cable strikes

Client Problem

The contractor was installing three massive backup generators for the convention center on the roof of the main building. Due to high winds in the area the generators would have to be anchored to the roof, which meant drilling at least six inches into the roof. Since the rooftop was a post tension slab, all of the post tension cables needed to be accurately located, allowing the engineers to determine a safe layout path for the anchor installation.

How We Responded

The rooftop area to be gpr scanned was well over a thousand square feet, with concrete scanning both laterally and horizontally to catch cables running in both directions through the entire work area. The concrete imaging revealed this rooftop slab was particularly interesting, as the post tension cables were in much tighter pattern then normal.

Results We Delivered

The expansive rooftop concrete GPR survey was completed on time. All of the post tension cables were accurately marked out using our ground penetrating radar unit with 1600 MHz antenna.  The post tension cables were marked keel (similar to a crayon) making it easier for the engineer to provide a conflict free layout for the anchor installations.

Client Savings

Utilizing GPR concrete scanning saved our customer thousands of dollars and countless days had they decided to use a traditional concrete x-ray instead of ground penetrating radar.  GPR has the flexibility to produce real time results over large areas at a fraction of the time and cost of a slab xray.  Having an accurate 3D map of the the post tension cables location in the concrete slab also gave the engineer valuable information in determining a safe layout for drilling activities.


GPR Rooftop Locating

Using GPR to avoid damaging post tension cables

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