Past Projects:
Locating Residential Post Tension Cables

Locating post tension cables for a remodel project

Client Problem

A residential remodeling contractor called us to scan a concrete slab to find the Post Tension cables. The client needed to sawcut the concrete slab to install new electrical conduits and water lines for a new kitchen island for a home remodel project.

How We Responded

The technician used two different locating technologies to find the concrete reinforcements and the in slab utilities for the client.  The RD 8000 locator was used to scan for any possible live electrical conduits possible running in or beneath the concrete foundation.  Our ground penetrating radar system was able to accurately locate the post tension cables in the concrete.

Results We Delivered

GPR scans were able to determine that the slab had post tension cables as its reinforcing and we were able to mark out the exact layout of the post tension in the area(s) of work.  With our RD8000 we also determine there were no underground low voltage power lines in the designated saw cutting path.

Client Savings

Concerned about having post tension cables in the concrete slab, the contractor hired Encompass Inspections before cutting into the concrete. Encompass Inspections saved the contractor excessive repairs and possible injury that can sometimes be associated with damaging post tension cables.

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