Past Projects:
Locating Residential Post Tension Cables with Ground Penetrating Radar

Residential Post Tension Cable GPR Locate

Client Problem

A homeowner reached out to us for a GPR scan in his garage which was reinforced with post tension cables.  The homeowner wanted to anchor some large equipment to the concrete floor, and could not drill into the concrete without knowing where the post tension was running.

How We Responded

We arrived at the owner’s home within 24 hours of his initial call.  Using our GPR equipment to scan the concrete, we were able to precisely  locate and mark the post tension cables in the garage floor.

Results We Delivered

With the use of the ground penetrating radar (GPR), we were able to accurately locate and mark the post tension cables in the desired drill location of the homeowner’s garage.  The results were marked in black tape on the surface which allows the customer the ability of drilling anchors with confidence.

Client Savings

The cost of damaging a post tension cable can go well beyond the cost of repairing a broken cable.  Post tension damages, have been known to cause severe structural damage to buildings, and even bodily harm to anyone near a snapping cable.  Encompass Inspections GPR survey provided savings on both a financial and safety basis.

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