Past Projects:
Locating rebar reinforcements in CMU masonry walls at Cedar Sinai Hospital

Using GPR for masonry walls

Client Problem

Our client requested Encompass Inspections to perform ground penetrating radar services to locate rebar reinforcements within a CMU masonry wall.  Once the steel reinforcements are identified, the contractor can then safely drill into the wall to install the anchors for canopy structure that was being installed. 

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections arrived onsite the next day after the initial call came in for service.  Our GPR technician scanned the entire length of the wall as requested. GPR scanning masonry walls ensured the accurate location of all the horizontal and vertical rebar reinforcements, this allows drilling to be performed safely and avoid hitting any reinforcement or causing unneeded damage to the wall itself.

Results We Delivered

Encompass Inspections delivered a safe environment for our client to drill into the masonry wall.  Our GPR technician laid out the rebar reinforcement pattern directly on the surface of the CMU wall.  The real time results the ground penetrating radar system delivered, allowed the contractor to make adjustments quickly to their anchor pattern.

Client Savings

Encompass Inspections saves customers money by getting to most job requests within 24 hours. Additionally, our technicians aim to arrive to all sites on time to keep the projects on schedule.  By delivering real time accurate results our clients can safely navigate their projects, all while confidentially adjusting any drill locations thanks in part to an accurate 3D rebar pattern layout. Let Encompass Inspections keep your team safe!



Verifying Steel Rebar Reinforcement in CMU Masonry Walls

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