Past Projects:
Locating Rebar with Ground Penetrating Radar

Concrete GPR Scanning

Client Problem

A local plumbing contractor reach out to Encompass Inspections to have concrete imaging performed on the outside deck of the apartments. Their main goal was to install 28 water drains to avoid water issues in the future. The contractors main concern was avoiding any post tension cables or electrical conduits as they were going to core drill completely through the concrete slab. The contractor also had to be cautious during core drilling to not damage the lighting on the ceiling of the underground parking garage below.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections responds quickly, typically within 24 hours.  On this project call, our locate technician arrived on site the same day as the request for service to the apartment complex.  Once on site, we started concrete scanning the deck area with our Ground Penetrating Radar System, GSSI 3000 with a 1600 MHz antenna. Our RD8000 was also utilized to scan the areas for any possible electrical conduits running across the work area.

Results We Delivered

Concrete imaging allowed for the successful marking of rebar locations for all the 28 future drains installations, in addition to the rebar layout, we also provided the contractor with the depth of each rebar.  Using our RD 8000 utility locator we were also able to identify the electrical conduit for the underground parking garage to ensure the contractor would not damage the power lines during core drilling.

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Client Savings

Helping our clients avoid injury to jobsite personnel, while avoiding costly damages to concrete reinforcements and underground utility lines are the primary tasks at Encompass Inspections.  Our team will work directly with your staff to find the safest route possible for your construction activities.

concrete x-ray for rebar

finding rebar in concrete

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