Past Projects:
Locating rebar and conduits in suspended concrete slabs

GPR Concrete Rebar Scan

Client Problem

Encompass Inspections was contacted by a local General Contractor needing multiple locations scanned for steel rebar reinforcement. The client scheduled a core drill company to perform slab penetrations in several locations on three different floors.  The contractor needed to insure the safety of his project team by having Encompass Inspections locate all of the rebar reinforcements and utility conduits located in the concrete suspended slabs.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections dispatched a technician from our Dallas/Fort Worth office who arrived on the project site in Dallas within 24 hours of the project request.  The locate technician utilized a mutli technology approach for this project by using both ground penetrating radar and a radio detection device set in 60Hz passive mode to locate all of the steel reinforcement and any electrical conduits within the concrete suspended slabs.

Results We Delivered

Encompass Inspections utilized Ground Penetrating Radar with a 1600 Mhz antenna and Radio Detection utility locator to accurately locate all in slab rebar reinforcement and utility lines in the designated areas. Upon completing the GPR and RD scans, the results were marked in red keel directly onto the surface allowing the onsite contact to perform their final penetration layouts in safe, clear areas before commencing core drilling activities.  Our utility locate markings provided an accurate, easy to read, and safe guide for the general contractor and the core drill company to follow.

Client Savings

Any project saw cutting or core drilling into concrete slabs should always have an accurate layout of the slab reinforcements and have any utility lines located to avoid any damages to the infrastructure and site personnel.   Encompass Inspections provides its clients with safe, accurate, real time results to keep up with the fast paced construction industry.


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